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Executive Recruitment – Mining. Globally. Now.

The above says it all… but our business success is more about listening than talking, so whether you’re a Client or a Candidate, talk to us now about what you’re thinking. If we can help we will say so and share our knowledge based on highly networked activities and information. If we can’t help, we will also just say so. Very simple…

Talk is cheap but results speak for themselves. And we can tell you about those…

How do we do it? Again, it’s very simple. We do the right things to just be credible, professional, honest, highly competent and always results-driven. Just as it should be but (as you know) so often isn’t!

Integrity is nice (and we have lots of that) but without an energetic, systematic proven results-oriented record, it means nothing. That is… it means nothing until it results in something.

Professional recruitment is very simple in concept. Match candidates to clients and make it happen. Yes, it’s that simple. But in truth it very rarely consistently happens and that is why recruiters burn out and don’t last. Very few have passed the test of time in boom and in bust, in good times and bad.

Garry McCure is one such recruiter.

Even fewer still have been able to stay in their niche market.

Garry McCure has done that.

We welcome you as part of our network. Let’s talk.

Talking about it is one thing. 

Knowing and understanding it is another. 

Making it happen is the proof.