About Us

Now Here’s Something Different… Our approach is genuinely different to the experience we know a lot of you get from recruiters bombarding you who don’t know your industry, have no real area of specialization and don’t understand what you do. If the above rings true and you do your research on me as a recruiter you’ll find out I don’t work that way. If I can’t help you I’ll tell you…. (Aaaah, that feels better! If the above rings true you might like to read on).

We specialize in genuine Executive Search for Senior roles in the Mining industry. Solid Networks plus Industry networks equals niche recruitment expertise.

Search assignments and Executive Placements in the Mining Industry, both Internationally and domestically. Some typical role examples:

• Project Director
• Construction Manager (Mining)
• Operations Manager
• Mine Manager
• Marketing Manager
• Development Manager
• Health, Safety & Training Manager
• Exploration Manager

There’s a ton of other roles we could list but you get the picture.
It’s specialized and it’s solid. Let us run with it for you.

FAIR COMMENT… Talk is one thing, action is another…