Here’s McCure Consulting’s latest take on the Employment Market, including Predictions for the year ahead, as at October 2019

McCure Consulting sponsored the 2019 October Brisbane Resources Lunch and I Garry McCure delivered the key presentation on “The Broken Mining Cycle Clock. What Recruitment Trends Indicate for Supplier and Investors.” Here are the main contents of the PowerPoint Presentation in the PDF file below. The presentation was not all about statistics and data, more so about adding life to it with commentary, so the slide contents do not represent a detailed specific analysis but you will get the gist of it.

Going on past presentations (I do this talk annually) that’s a good indicator or the year ahead… But as with everything, nothing lasts forever. Let’s now see what the post-Coronavirus world delivers us!

Let’s Compare This to Recent Years…

You can see here the Presentations I’ve made in previous years (I have truncated the content so you get straight to the main points). The difference is language each year is reflective of the market changes throughout this period. In particular you may wish to check out the Presentation from 2014 (which I think proved to be spot on with how the market unfortunately headed!) The stark contrast of the language then and now says a lot about how the market has (finally!) changed.

Now Back to 2014…

To set the scene, this was the wording on the Invitation to the Event:

Malcolm Kinns – Regional Director (AU & NZ), Edinburgh Business School

Garry McCure – Executive Consultant

Vocational Strategy for the New Economic Reality

Garry is a seasoned strategic executive consultant whose stakeholders have consistently revealed shared anxieties regarding the escalating risks to personal and career path security today. His presentation both articulates the character and complexity of these topical threats, and communicates strategies to help you survive and even thrive despite today’s economic turbulence. Garry is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience of planning and managing successful career strategies based on practical experience of what works.